Why is it Important to Implement Pest Control Measures on Your Property?

Some pests are visible and many of them are dangerous not only to your property, but your health as well. Some pests are silent assailants that will chew their way through your vegetation unnoticed, able to cause thousands of dollars in land and house damages. They represent a pervasive threat, they multiply exponentially and many of them are resilient even to pesticides.

Mosquitoes are probably the best thing that can happen, as grubs, mites, scales and rodents, among others, are much more dangerous. Grubs can damage your lawn beyond repair and all other nasty insects will harm the beneficial insects, ruin your crops, affect the soil and endanger your health.

One thing you need to be careful about, when it comes to pest control, is that you cannot use just any given substance you find in the supermarket. Pesticides, eco-friendly approaches and healthy pest control don’t really go hand in hand. This is why you need professional pest control services and we are more than qualified to offer them to you.

What Can Meadow Lawn & Landscape Do for You?

Your lawn and landscape ecosystem is a living organism and can be attacked by unwanted pests. Whether it’s your lawn or your landscape that is suffering from grubs, mites or scale, we have a solution to deter them. We also provide mosquito control so you can enjoy your outdoor environment with family and friends.

We first assess the seriousness of the infestation and identify the species that need to be repelled.We use tailored treatments and substances that are safe for you, your children and pets and which won’t harm the soil, plants and beneficial insects.We implement a rigorous seasonal pest control schedule including follow-ups to make sure the pests don’t return.We offer advice on how to better protect your home from invaders and how to enhance the landscape to keep pests and wildlife at bay (mulching is one of these eco-friendly strategies for instance).We only send highly trained professionals who are licensed to work with substances and treatments.We can offer a single pest control intervention or we can deliver a year-long pest control program as part of our integrated services.

5 More Reasons for You to Pick Us Instead of the Other Guy

We come for an intervention in a moment’s notice and we always arrive on time. 

Our workers are courteous, well trained and of the highest morals. We work only with experienced and licensed professionals for all lawn and landscape maintenance services we offer.

Our team is made up of licensed and certified turf and landscape managers. Our employees are English speaking, drug tested, background checked US citizens that are constantly trained in the latest practices and equipment used in the field.

We work only with insurance policies and warranties that keep you, your property and our team safe for as long as we collaborate.

We offer an iron-clad 100% Money Back Guarantee for all our services: if you don’t like our work, you can call us back to redo the job for free. If you are still unhappy with our results we will pay another company of your choice to fix things up.