Why is Mulching So Important?

Mulching is essential for the health and thriving of any landscape, but when it comes to Hampton Roads, it becomes a mandatory activity. The area is known for its climacteric challenges and many of them can be better faced and managed though the use of mulch.

  • Mulch is an organic material used to enhance the beauty of your landscape and to insure its health.
  • Moist mulches act as natural fertilizers, keeping the soil and roots cool during summer months and preserving the necessary soil moisture; as a corollary, using mulch favors less water consumption in irrigation tasks. In other words, mulch improves the quality of hard soils and provides nutrients to sandy soils by improving their ability to hold water.
  • Dry mulches are used more for aesthetic purposes but they also act as natural weed and pest barriers. While they don’t fertilize the soil as well as moist mulches (which decompose faster), drier varieties are better in colder months to keep the soil warm and keep pests or small wildlife away from your trees or shrubs.
  • There are plenty of rules to making and installing mulch on your property and you need knowledge, skill and expertise to follow the 3-3-3 rule or to know what type of mulch to choose for what type of vegetation.

What Can Our Company Do For You?

Climacteric challenges, the creation of micro-ecosystems and the use of organic approaches shouldn’t be taken lightly. Meadow Lawn & Landscape focuses on treating your lawn and landscape in a manner that boosts the health of your property and that is sustainable from all points of view. We can deliver and install several types of mulches on your property:

  • Walnut
  • Red
  • Black
  • Hardwood
  • Playground Mulch

Each of them has a particular set of traits and benefits and we will offer our advice and expertise to help you choose the best mulches for the soil, the vegetation you planted and the trees you grow.

Why Should You Choose Our Mulching Service Instead of Others?

  • We are a locally owned and operated business that is licensed and insured and have built a strong reputation as the industry leader in our community. We want to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, this is why we use the latest equipment in the field and operate within the best practice models in horticulture and landscape architecture.
  • Mulching is just one service that adds up to our core mission: to offer you an outdoor environment that is beautiful, healthy and sustainable. This is why we work with a detailed 21 point checklist on every service visit, a 9 step fertilization and weed control program and science-based techniques in mowing, watering, mulching, landscaping and so on.
  • Our team members are not only carefully picked, but also permanently trained and assessed so they meet the industry’s standards in terms of knowledge and skills. Besides that, we only work with English speaking US citizens that are of high morals, respect and professional conduct.

Having the Highest Ratings in the Industry is not Enough?

Everyone brags about how good they are at their job. Well, we are willing to be put to the ultimate test: your own personal satisfaction with our services. If you don’t like the results of our service, we will redo it free of charge. If you are still not 100% happy, we will pay a competitor of your choice to fix things up. Enjoy our 100% money back guarantee policy and ask for a free estimate right now!