Professional Lawn Care & Landscaping Services

Chris Brisson founded Meadow Lawn and Landscape in 2008 to provide dependable lawn and landscape services in the Hampton Roads region. As a local, family-owned company we understand how important it is to find friendly and reliable people to tend to your property in full safety and with the utmost respect. All these years we focused our operations on our clients’ needs, wishes and expectations, managing not only to meet them but exceed them as well.

Our mission has always been to offer both our residential and commercial clients with efficient, affordable and high-quality services and, from this point of view, we have achieved excellence. Our growing pool of loyal customers can always vouch for our highly professional conduct, our state-of-the-art services, equipment, techniques and employees.

What Should You Know About Us?

As a “Class A” contractor through the Commonwealth of Virginia, our company is vested in the community and understands the unique challenges of the climate in Hampton Roads as it is right in the middle of a climate transitional zone. This is why we will offer you the best and latest science-based lawn care and landscape techniques implemented with the latest equipment, by licensed professionals and in full compliance with the most recent research in horticulture, environment friendly approaches, agriculture and landscape architecture.

How Did We Manage to Become an Industry Standard of Good Practices?

We know that happy customers, are the returning ones, and the ones promoting our good name through their social networks. We also know that happy employees represent the engine that makes any company successful.

This is why we permanently invest in our team, training our employees in client care, landscape industry standards, safety measures, and so on. It’s important for us to provide you with the friendliest, reliable, approachable and professional workers who know their job and give 110% to exceed your expectations.

Politeness, efficiency, honesty and transparency are our main values and all our team members embrace this company culture while they treat your lawn as if it was their own. We all live here, three doors down from you and we will strive to achieve excellence and help the community grow stronger.

Why Should You Try Our Lawn Care and Landscaping Services?

While we do have the highest ratings in the area (and you should check what your neighbors have to say about us), we feel that this is not enough for you to make an educated decision, this is why we will lay it all out for you right here:

  • We work 365 days a year, 24/7, meaning that there is no seasonal issue we can’t solve if you call us.
  • We make things very easy: you are given access to a personal online account where you can request services and pay your bill online.
  • Being on call no matter the season, we came up with a fail-proof way of always being on time. We use notifications, GPS tracking for our vans, and we tailor our schedule to match yours and not the other way around.
  • We offer 100% property protection by carrying all required (and supplemental) insurance policies.
  • We have the reputation of being obsessed with details and we are proud: we use our completely detailed 21 point checklist for every service visit ensuring that everything is done perfectly.
  • We only work with licensed professionals and certified turf and landscape managers. Our team members receive continuous training and education in all main and connected fields of lawn care, landscaping, irrigation, pest & weed control and commercial property management.
  • Before hiring somebody, we screen future employees, and everyone goes through a background check and drug screening prior to joining our team.
  • All our team members speak English and they are all US citizens.

Is There Any Risk in Trying Us Out?

Absolutely none! All our services come together with our 100% iron-clad, risk free and money-back guarantee. If our work is not excellent, we will redo the job in question for free.  If you are still not happy, we will charge you nothing. If the item in question is still not fixed to your total satisfaction, we will pay another company of your choice to solve the problem. Nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction!